Evolution of a Digital Content Designer.

You would have come across terms like Graphic designer , print designer, web designer etc.  These classifications based on the medium for which I am designing the content has lost its relevance today.
Era 1 -  Print 
 Earlier a magazine would only use print as a medium to take its content to its audience. and as a consumer you would subscribe to the magazine based on the content that would appeal to you.All the processes and workforce in the magazine company were aligned to the goal of coming out with that next edition of the magazine. Tools were created to make publishing easier for different variants like newspapers, magazines, books.
Era 2- Internet
Internet arrived on the scene and it gave birth to new generation of entrepreneurs who wanted to now take the ‘content’ to the consumers using the web.Print and Television got a new name ‘traditional media‘.  The new generation of designers started adopting to this new opportunity and this was birth of the ’Web Designers’ .   Lot of designers from print opened their mind and made a switch to adopt this new media. And many more of them continued to stay focused on
print.This was not just the case of “designers”  but overall there was a clear divide at an organizational level –  We are into Print. We are into new media.Existing tools matured to deliver features to create content for web , and new tools focused purely on new media showed up.
Era 3 – Mobile Devices
World would have continued to be in clearly defined 2 sets of designers and 2 type of organizations, if not for this animal, especially the iPad.Mobility of Print based media ( carrying magazines and newspapers  ) + Interactivity and dynamic update of new media + Adoption of Mobiles in a consumers life. This gave birth to UI designers and mobile app developers. Millions of apps got developed.Now there are web designers and then Web designers who also added mobile devices as their medium.So now we have Traditional Media , Internet Media and Mobile Media.
Era 4-  Content and Consumer takes the center stage.
Consumer is fully empowered – always connected to Internet + Mobile devices that are increasingly becoming more and more powerful. And its a war. It is no longer print business , web business and mobile content business.
Content takes center stage. And every business wants to do what it takes to give the consumer the content the way they want it.The tools have matured to meet the demands of this business to take content across different media.  [ Adobe Creative Cloud has set the stage for next generation of Designers and Developers ]
So all existing designers who have it in them to adapt and change and all the designers in making – Become a Digital Content Designer  - who can design and deliver ideas and express creativity across media.


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